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Welcome to our wine boutique, where we promise you'll find something interesting every time you browse! We love to suggest grape varietals outside of the ordinary. Like Pinot Grigio? Try Verdicchio. Love Cabernet? Check out Aglianico. Pinot Noir? How about Gamay...

We source from smaller producers, who farm and vinify with respect to nature. Wines should reflect their terroir and realistically, taste different in each vintage. Come on in, and have a chat with us!



6 bottles $100

(Please specify Red/White/Rose/Bubbles)

Jute Totes $10

Craft Beer 4Packs

Beer'd Connecticut Casual Pilsner

Beer'd Dogs & Boats DIPA

Beer'd Midnight Oil

Brooklyn Summer Ale

Cold Harbor Last Light Kolsch

Cold Harbor Juice Freak IPA

Cold Harbor Homesick DIPA

Dorchester OFD DIPA

Eggenberg Lemon Radler

Fiddlehead IPA

Lamplighter Giants Under the Sun

Industrial Arts Summer Landscape

Maine Lunch Singles

Medusa Lola IPA
Medusa Hazy Runner

Schilling Alexandr Czech Pilsner

Zero Gravity Frankie Ale w/ Fruit

Zero Gravity Green State Lager

Hard Seltzer 4 Packs

Highball Hard Seltzer Variety Pack

Boochcraft Orange Pomegranate Hard Kombucha

Boochcraft Ginger Lime Hard Kombucha

Fun Feature: Two Mountain Rawn Rosé single serve crown cap glass bottle 250ml  (Washington State Cabernet Franc & Cabernet Sauvignon)