We know you'd rather peruse our shelves in person and chat with us about new arrivals and obscure varietals, but for now we have to organize shopping a different way...To simplify wine orders over the phone or via e-mail, it is helpful if you follow these guidelines:

1. Amount of bottles

2. Types of wine: Red, White, Rose, Sparkling - how many of each?

3. Approximate price range

4. Style of wine: light, medium, full bodied, fruit-forward, earthen, dry, dry-ish, semi or sweet, oaked, bubbly etc.

5. Any other preferences you may have, such as regions and grape varietals

Receive a 5% discount for 6 or more bottles, 10% off 12 bottles or more



6 bottles $90-100

(Please specify Red/White/Rose/Bubbles)


6 bottles $75

(Reds, Whites, Rose)

(Jute Totes $10)

Beer & Cider

Greater Good Pulp Daddy NEIPA 4PK

Cold Harbor Last Light Kolsch 4PK

Cold Harbor Juice Freak IPA 4PK

Cold Harbor Homesick DIPA 4PK

Fiddlehead IPA 4PK

Fiddlehead Second Fiddle DIPA 4PK

Maine - Lunch Single Bottle

Beer'd Midnight Oil Oatmeal Stout 4PK

Beer'd Dogs & Boats DIPA 4PK

Beer'd Connecticut Casual Pilsner 4PK

Dorchester Galaxy Lights Session 4PK

Dorchester OFD DIPA 4PK

Artifact Wild Thing 4PK

Artifact Feels Like Home 4PK

Bantam Buzzwig 4PK

Bantam Wunderkind 4PK