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Welcome to Pecorino, a European minded shop with a personal touch!

We carry a fresh and seasonal selection of local and imported cheeses, cut and wrapped to order, fine charcuterie and condiments, fresh bread and olive oil, crackers, jams, honeys, spreads and gourmet pantry items. Our products are sourced with love from people who work passionately with real ingredients.
Our well curated wine selection features classic and lesser known varietals, mostly from Europe, that were grown and vinified sustainably - you are encouraged to ask for staff recommendations! We stock a small assortment of local craft beers and ciders and make cheese plates and classy gift baskets. Let us know what we can do for you!


Simone was born and raised in Heidelberg, Germany. After careers in fashion, travel and hospitality, she opened Pecorino in 2010 to share her passion about food, wine and European entertaining culture. Simone is addicted to Italy, where she and her husband have restored a farmhouse as their second home and produce organic olive oil.


Konstanza, also known as Kony, is originally from Venezuela and has family in Spain. She has been a cheese lover all her life and enjoys to explore anything gustatory. She has backpacked through Europe in search of food, wine, and good company. In her spare time she enjoys woodworking, the outdoors, cooking over a fire, and riding her motorcycle. 


Melanie has been working with cheese for 12 years and loves making platters and boards. She is a fabulous cook, obsessed with sparkling wine and makes awesome craft cocktails. She loves flowers and cats. We love her Irish curls!


Brianna loves to sip, smell, savor and sell wine, aside from trying every single product there is in the store! She enjoys hiking, camping, biking and snowboarding, loves to travel and is adventurous in exploring and experiencing new places.

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