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pe·co·rino (pek′ə rē′no) [Italian: from pecora, sheep. Common name for Italian sheep's milk cheese]

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Welcome to Pecorino, a country cheese shop with a personal touch! Whether you are a cheese lover, a seasoned cheese-o-holic or new to the artisanal cheese world, please come in and browse. Our cheeses, both imported and domestic, are carefully selected with a season-based change in variety.

Pecorino is passionate about enriching

your experience with cheese!

Your piece is cut to order and never pre-packaged. Please try before you buy! Explore everything that goes with cheese: fancy crackers and artisan breads, dried fruit & nuts, honey, jams, cured meats, marinated olives, fresh olive oil, aged Balsamico and aah…chocolate!


The PecoVino Boutique in the rear of our shop is filled with an eclectic but affordable selection of reds, whites, rosé, dessert wine and sparklers.

We are eager to help with pairings!




Includes a bottle of wine

two cheese pairings, one cured meat

and a loaf of fresh bread

Just come in or

call ahead for quick pick-up!









We fill your Pecorino Jute Bag

with 6 surprise bottles for $75

(value of $90 or more)



 American & Imported Cheeses

Out-of-the-Ordinary Wines

Catering Platters

Fresh Bread & Pastry

Cured Meats, Patés & Dips

Olive Oil on Tap

Handmade Chocolate & Cookies

Cheese Accessories

Pottery & Linens

Gift Baskets & Gift Cards

Free Tasting Events